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To get back in touch with yourself and indulge in the peace and quiet of our olive grove. A true massage is like a journey made of olive or sweet almond oil towards the deepest corners of our soul.


Adapted to the needs of the individual, with the possibility of combining various techniques (decontracting, toning, relaxing…) depending on the area to be treated and the specific needs.


It restores the balance between mind and body, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the spinal column, tones the muscles, positively influences the psychic state of the person. It has a positive effect on hormone levels, facilitates the elimination of toxins, relieves tension and has beneficial effects on anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, migraine, fatigue and difficult digestion.


This is a mix of techniques and manoeuvres that manipulate the deeper tissues, such as connective and muscular tissue. Its aim is to loosen and relax muscular contractures.

Draining and anti-cellulite

It is aimed at improving and making the blood circulation system more efficient. It acts precisely on the tissues in order to promote blood, venous and lymphatic return and facilitates the removal of excess fluid.


Its origins lie in Indian medicine. It restores the correct circulation of energy, increases vascular activity and promotes the release of toxins from the cells. It is a passive yoga where one lets oneself go as much as possible by relying on the masseur. Observation of the body and listening to the breath guide the rhythm, like a dance.

Relaxing face massage

Is a technique for calming stress and tensions that build up on the face and generate tension in the neck. Also useful for migraine sufferers. Focuses on the face, décolleté and scalp.

Anti-aging face

It touches the right points to oxygenate the tissues, which regain firmness, brightness and elasticity. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which help to keep the skin elastic. Manoeuvres on the face will also have a rebalancing effect on the body, benefiting other areas of the body globally.

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